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Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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As the leading outcall massage company in Singapore, we provide our customers a top-class and complete mobile massage service.

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Our services are available island-wide and our therapists can reach you within an hour.

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We don’t have any hidden Charges. Prices listed also include transportation charges.

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Highly-trained and qualified therapists are sent for each session. Our professional therapists are trained in different styles of massages.

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We make sure that our clients receive 100% privacy and discretion. Our services are conducted in the client’s home or hotel room.

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage in Singapore

Tantric Touch Singapore delivers the greatest sensual massage that you can enjoy in Singapore. A sensual massage is able to amplify the pleasure that you can receive with a traditional body massage.

The sensual massage is a gift from the field of the tantric services. It allows you to achieve a blissful state, which may seem as unattainable through other means. Our sensual massage will relax your body and allow your soul to enjoy the feeling of eternal bliss.

A sensual massage depends on creating friction and using bodily contact, unlike a normal tantric massage. The body contact creates and heightens the senses and turns your body into an overdrive of erotic sensations.

Once your body is in the overdrive, the teasing and the touching begins. This means that our sensual massage does not have you reach the climax. The purpose of our massage is to incite the body.

Our expert therapist will tease your complete body from the head to the toe when delivering a sensual massage. We ensure that every trouble and painful feelings within your mind and body will be whisked away through the sensual massage Singapore. This will truly be the most sensual service that you ever receive.

Our sensual massage will match the most erotic massage Singapore fantasies that you have in your mind. Our expert will make sure that your body will shout out to receive more while giving in to enjoy the relaxation, enjoyment and the pleasure.

You are missing a lot of feelings if you have never tried a sensual massage, so do not miss out and book a session with us today!


Benefits of Erotic Sensual Massage

Our sensual massage lets you explore the pleasure which is already present within your own erogenous zones. Our therapy is designed to let you discover the erotic energy and its benefits. Here, we share some top benefits of our sensual massage:


How Sensual Massage Works

Our expert therapist will serve you by starting from the crown and gently massage your body and go further down. Your body will radiate ecstatically with each perfect stroke. Once you receive the full body massage, our Goddess will then continue with the sensual massage Singapore that will push your mind and body into an overdrive position. She will then deliver a sliding body massage to give your body her youthful energy. The erotic massage Singapore concludes with a powerful lingam massage. This combination will provide you therapeutic relief and let you gain sexual bliss like never before – Something that you can only get with Tantric Touch Singapore!


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