Relax in spa-like comfort inside your own HDB Apartment or Private Condo! As the no. 1 mobile massage team in Singapore, Tantric Touch can serve you wherever you are.

Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel room? No problem! No matter where you are, you can be sure that our experts have the required essential to provide you with an extraordinary massage experience.

Private Residence

Our professional therapists know how to deliver the ideal massage treatment for you when you need it. That is why Tantric Massage is the no. 1 mobile massage service in Singapore.

Welcome to Tantric Touch Singapore. We offer the most Exclusive Tantric Massage
Experience that will fulfill your deepest desires.

Our services are very discreet and we specialize in tantric massage. We set the bar higher for our tantric massage service. We have the most attractive therapists we call our goddesses, and they are truly adept in the art of tantric massage. We guarantee that you will our girls will give you an experience like no other. We are always open whether you are in a hotel room, a condo, or an apartment, all you need to do is to give us a call and one of our beautiful goddesses will be at your doorstep.




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Why Tantric Touch Singapore?

Open 24 Hours Daily

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Singapore No.1 Outcall Massage Company

As the leading outcall massage company in Singapore, we provide our customers a top-class and complete mobile massage service.

Immediately Available

Our services are available island-wide and our therapists can reach you within an hour.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We don’t have any hidden Charges. Prices listed also include transportation charges.

Well trained and Professional Team

Highly-trained and qualified therapists are sent for each session. Our professional therapists are trained in different styles of massages.

Private and Discretion

We make sure that our clients receive 100% privacy and discretion. Our services are conducted in the client’s home or hotel room.

Treatments we provide

The Best Tantric Massage Singapore


Tantric Touch Massage Singapore offer the most luxury massage treatments in your hotel suites or residence. Call us @ 9136 0247 to book a session today, and let us bring excitement, joy and relaxation into your life.


We set the bar higher for tantric massage in Singapore. We have the most attractive therapists we call our goddesses, and they are truly adept in the art of tantric massage. Unlike other massage services, they have been thoroughly trained to give all our clients the greatest pleasures possible.


We carefully screen and choose our therapists, and we only hire the cream of the crop. We want to give our clients complete satisfaction every time they need a tantric massage Singapore, and our goddesses are the key to accomplishing this aim.



Why Choose Us for Tantric Massage Singapore?


Unlike other massage services, Tantric Touch Massage Singapore offers tantric and sensual massages that will fulfil your deepest desires. Our services are very discreet and we specialize in outcall tantric massage in Singapore. So, whether you are in a hotel room, a condo, or an apartment, all you need to do is to give us a call and one of our beautiful goddesses will be at your doorstep in an hour or two.


We are always open, so it doesn’t matter if you desire a tantric massage in Singapore at 2 in the morning. We will make sure you get what you want, anytime anywhere.


With our tantric massage, you can expect only the best and most professional erotic massage service. So give us a call today. With our gorgeous therapists, we assure you that once you’ve tried us, you will keep coming back for more.


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60mins – $220 90mins – $320 120mins – $400

Body to Body Massage — The Ultimate Sensations in Singapore


A sensual experience like no other. As the name suggests, body to body massages are when your masseuse uses their entire body to give you the ultimate pleasure. You will feel an intense, pleasurable sensation like none you’ve ever experienced before, and leave the session feeling rejuvenated, recharged and completely satisfied.


During a body to body massage, you will experience an aura of sensuality. However, body to body massages do not necessarily have to be sexual — it is ultimate an experience that will deliver the ultimate pleasure and recharge your energy.



Welcome to Tantric Touch Singapore


Our beautiful and highly experienced massage therapists know exactly what to do when it comes to delivering you the ultimate satisfaction. Whether it’s a body to body massage or some other form of massage that you choose, the professionals at Tantric Touch Massage Singapore will give you an experience that you will never forget. The soft strokes and gentle touch of our masseuses will take you to a new level of pleasure and relaxation, allowing you to forget all your troubles and truly let go. We truly offer a one-of-a-kind experience, so rest assured that you won’t be disappointed when you choose Tantric Touch Massage Singapore.


Alongside our body to body massages, our professionals can also offer sensual massagesprostate massageslingram massages and much, much more. Wherever you’re located in Singapore, we can come to you — simply call Tantric Touch Massage Singapore to make a booking!



Book a body to body massage with us today


Tantric Touch Massage Singapore offers the most erotic body to body massage treatments in your hotel suites or residence. Call us on XXXX XXXX to book a session today, and let us bring excitement, joy and relaxation into your life.


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60mins – $250 90mins – $350 120mins – $450

Looking for a nude tantric massage in Singapore? Tantric Touch Singapore provides nude tantric massages at the comfort of your hotel suite or residence.


A nude tantric massage is performed with both the masseuse and the recipient completely naked. Also known as a naturist massage, it allows to break the barriers between you and the masseuse, enabling you to achieve a complete psychological and physiological state of tranquility. The nude tantric massage revolves around the idea of sensual treatment according to tantric principles, which help replenish your body with energy, while at the same time, provide you with unimaginable pleasure.


Nude tantric massages are performed in a dimly lit room with candles or soft light as the sole source of illumination. Once you are undressed and ready, your masseuse takes you on a journey of complete sensory pleasure. By touching your nude body with her own, your masseuse is transferring a message of understanding, empathy, and comfort, while your body radiates waves of pure contentment and ecstasy!


When you are stripped of your clothes, you are also stripped of your worries, pretence and stress. Moreover, as skin-to-skin contact is necessary for humans, by being nude, you also express your need for human touch- A need that our experienced masseuses can fill while giving you more pleasure than you expect!


If you are looking for a Nude Tantric Massage in Singapore, be sure to contact us and our masseuse will take you on a journey where you realign your subtle energies and renew your spirit, with each of her delicate yet arousing touch!


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60mins – $250 90mins – $350 120mins – $450

Soft, Smooth, Satisfying — Choose Our Sensual Massage in Singapore


You will transcend into a state of indescribable pleasure with a sensual message by Tantric Touch Singapore. Our massage therapists will make you feel enlightened and revitalised, by performing erotic, sensual messages while teasing your body with scented oils and gentle caressing. Your senses will truly come alive, as will your soul. In the presence of a skilful and experienced masseuse at Tantric Touch Massage Singapore, you will experience pleasure like never before when you book a sensual massage with us.


Along with being a truly enjoyable experience, sensual massages also offer a wide range of benefits to you. It is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety, helping you to forget a hard of work or troubles and difficulties you may be facing. It can also assist with improving fertility, building strength and relaxing muscles, detoxifying your body and even treating premature ejaculation. There are truly countless reasons as to why you should book a sensual massage — so book a session today!



Tantric Touch Singapore, the sensual massage experts


Welcome to Tantric Touch Singapore, where you will find Singapore’s number one destination for sensual massages and more. Our beautiful and highly experienced masseuses are guaranteed to deliver you an experience that will provide you with unparalleled satisfaction, and will live on in your memory for years to come. We also provide body to body massagesprostate massages and Lingam massages as well, and no matter where you’re located in Singapore our massage therapists can pay you a visit at a time of your convenience.


To book your next session or for more information about our tantric massage services, give us a call today on XXXX XXXX.


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60mins – $220 90mins – $320 120mins – $400

Known as the Ocean Waves therapy, the Four Hand Massage is a form of massage therapy that includes two beautiful massage therapists. It’s considered as the perfect way to stimulate unique sensations and produce loads of health benefits all in a short session.


There’s no doubt that the Four Hands Massage is perhaps one of the most enjoyable massage sessions you will ever receive, and it’s one of the most popular treatments that we offer.


As the name suggests, the Four Hands Massage involves two therapists working in synchronized motions to provide you with the ultimate sensual experience. The entire session is designed to be highly choreographed, so settle for nothing but the best massage therapists when it comes to the Four Hands Massage.


Our therapists are highly skilled in the art of Ocean Waves and Tantra, enabling them to offer you sensations that are completely out of this world!


The best thing about the Four Hands Massage is that there’s more muscle stimulus occurring within the same time period as compared to the typical Tantric Massage treatments.


There are a number of various routines and styles associated with the Four Hand Massage treatments and we have everything available to cater to your every whimsical need.


The Four Hands Massage is known to offer twice as much pleasure and of course twice as many benefits.


With so many benefits as well as pleasurable experiences, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book a session for a Four Hand Massage session today!


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2 x Standard Rate

Live your life to the fullest, and allow yourself to be completely pampered with a relaxing bath and massage session. A wet and wild combination that will leave you sensually high and libidinously strong.


Your relaxing bath and massage session will not only wash your troubles away, but with this wet, warm and soapy massage you will experience a session that will blow your senses, leaving you profoundly uplifted and incredibly energized.


The massage session begins with our gorgeous massage therapist giving you a bath, while our beautiful masseuse is bathing you, she will then begin to tenderly massage your body focusing on every sensual pressure point.


Once you’re pampered with tender massage techniques and soap, the beautiful masseuse will then towel dry you, after which she will take you to boudoir where you will be greeted will a full body sensual massage. A perfect combination of warm, wet, soapy and wild!


Such sensually beautiful encounters allow us to alleviate all your worries and help you experience a world full of sexual adventures.


Make your life more interesting and dreamy by booking a relaxing bath and massage session. An ideal remedy for your demanding day!


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60mins – $300 90mins – $400 120mins – $500
lingam --Massage-Singapore

Lingam Massage —An Experience like No Other in Singapore


Recharge your sexual energy while experiencing pleasure like you’ve never experienced it before. Lingam massages are more than just a standard massage — it is truly an act of worship of the Lingam, which in the Sanskrit language means ‘wand of light’ and is at the centre of the sexuality of every man. You will be stimulated like never before, with the massage therapist performing elegiac strokes while caressing your Lingam gently. It will truly revitalise your spirit and fill your body with a fresh wave of energy, and you will leave the session feeling more satisfied than you’ve ever felt before.


By using aromatic oils and applying sensual tantric massage techniques, you will be immersed in a world of pleasure and sensuality that will allow you to forget all the stress and troubles that you may be facing. And for the best Lingam massage in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place.



Introducing Tantric Touch Massage Singapore


At Tantric Touch Singapore, our professional massage therapists are the masters when it comes to Lingam massages as well as a variety of other tantric massage forms. Nothing gives us more pleasure than providing our clients with the utmost satisfaction, which is why you can rest assured that you will walk away from every session at Tantric Touch Massage Singapore feeling fresh and revitalised. Our masseuses can come to you no matter where you are in Singapore, whether you’re at your own home or at a hotel.



We’re here to help


As well as Lingam massages, Tantric Touch Singapore can also offer other massages such as body to body massagessensual massages and prostate massages. To find out more, simply contact us today! Book your next session by calling XXXX XXXX.



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Prostate Massages for the Ultimate Stimulation in Singapore


Prostate massages offer a stimulating experience like no other. Through soft, gentle strokes, our massage therapists will give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, while simultaneously stimulating your flow of raw sexual energy and using tantric techniques to realign your base Chakra. During a prostate massage session, your massage therapist will make you feel sensations like you’ve never experienced before, replenishing your prostate with power and energy while delivering superlative levels of joy and pleasure. Through a perfect mix of external and internal stimulation, your sexual energy will be recharged and all inhibitions will be removed. It is the perfect way to decompress and remove all the stress that you’re feeling, an experience that will offer the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.


More than just being a session filled with pleasure, prostate massages also offer numerous health benefits as well. It has been proven that prostate massages can help men with ejaculation, urine flow, and erectile dysfunction. There are truly endless benefits when it comes to prostate massages, so don’t wait — book a session at Tantric Touch Massage Singapore today!



Choose Tantric Touch Singapore


At Tantric Touch Singapore, you will find experienced massage therapists that are dedicated to ensuring that you experience the utmost satisfaction after each massage session with us. We are known throughout Singapore for offering the best prostate messages, and can also perform other massage forms such as sensual massagesbody to body massages and Lingam massages — to name but a few. Wherever you’re located in Singapore, our masseuses can come visit you at your home or hotel.


To get in touch, all you need to do is call us on 9136 0247 now and we’ll arrange a session at a time of your convenience.


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Our Therapists


Consisting of professional female therapists who work only on appointments, we at Tantric Touch Singapore are the Top Massage agency in East Asian region. Our therapists provide a range of intense exotic pleasures through our special sensual and tantric massages.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with one of the best sensual and trantric massage experiences they will ever find. We offer an environment where your body and mind can safely ‘let go’ allowing you to revel in the most intimate and sensual experiences.


Release your inhibitions, while enjoying the intimacy and connection with our beautiful therapist as she offers intense pleasure with her soothing strokes and touch through our very sensual tantric massages.


Our gorgeous goddesses are skilled in the art of Tantra, providing you with a therapeutic experience and allowing you to discover our skills in the art of ‘ tenderly touching you in all the right places’.


We are known for our blend of beauty and traditional therapeutic skills along with eastern Tantra to provide you with a massage experience that is simply blissful.



Build your energy and release an unmistakable feeling of harmony, well-being and euphoria. Treat yourself to one of our massages and we’ll even customise our heavenly Tantric massage session just for you!


Call and book a session with us today, and let us bring excitement, joy and relaxation into your life


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All our services are outcall arrangement.


Please call +65 9136-0247 for any service enquiry and booking. If the requested time slots are available, we will send you our professional therapist within 1 to 2 hours time. Hotels, Condominium and Private Apartments are all welcome.


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